TwoTwo Motorsports Bel-Ray Racing

Team: Two Two Motorsports Bel-Ray Racing
Rider: Chad Reed
Bike: Honda CRF450
Number: 22
Team Manager: Dave Osterman
2012 Scheduled Series: Monster Energy Supercross, AMA National Motocross

Products used by the team include: Friction Modified Thumper Racing Oil, Thumper Gear Saver Transmission Oil, Blue Tac Chain Lube and 6 in 1 Multi Purpose Lubricants

Press release announcing agreement:

FARMINGDALE, NJ –– January 3, 2012 Bel-Ray Company, Inc.  – the leading USA-based lubrication manufacturing company is pleased to announce the extension of their partnership with Chad Reed and TwoTwo Motorsports for the 2012 and 2013 racing season.

The collaboration between Bel-Ray and TwoTwo Motorsports, now in its second year, began just prior to the 2011 racing season as the new, rider owned, team was being formed. For the 2012 racing season Reed will be competing in both the AMA Supercross and AMA Outdoor Motocross series aboard the #22 Honda.
Bel-Ray’s relationship with TwoTwo Motorsports has served as a proving ground for their products to be tested at the highest level of competition. The use of off the shelf consumer products in extreme racing conditions is a testament that Bel-Ray’s performance lubricants are the right choice for the discerning powersports user.

“Chad Reed sets the standard for racing and what it means to compete at the highest level.  His independent spirit, passion, commitment and determination to win championships makes TwoTwo a perfect partner for us.  We strive to be a leader in the lubricants industry and we are proud that champions like Chad win with our products,” said Jennifer Liquori, Bel-Ray’s Chief Operating Officer.

Bel-Ray’s multi year agreement with TwoTwo Motorsports shows their commitment to investing in the team and its long term success,  strategy echoed by team owner Chad Reed.
“There are several terrific additions to the TwoTwo Motorsports team and each one of them brings a lot to the program, but none more so than Bel-Ray who joins TwoTwo Motorsports for the second year,” said Chad Reed. “Bel-Ray is committed to developing our program; they see all of our hard work and effort we put out as a race team, and are there to support us every step of the way.  We could not ask for a better sponsor.  I am extremely excited for next year and the good things that are going to happen in 2012,” Reed added.

TwoTwo Lead Mechanic, Lars Lindstrom, can tell the difference a high performance lubricant can offer. Bel-Ray has given him the confidence he needs to prepare the race bike to compete at the highest level.

“Partnering with Bel Ray last year helped make it a great season. The Bel-Ray Friction Modified and Gear Saver Oils have produced more power and helped deliver the clutch feel and durability Chad demands. Their wide variety of products has made it easy to prepare the race bike to the highest level of quality. We’re very excited to work with Bel Ray again in 2012,” said  Lindstrom.

The team will be using the complete line of performance lubricants including the popular Friction Modified Thumper Racing Oil, Thumper Gear Saver Transmission Oil, Blue Tac Chain Lube and 6 in 1 Multi Purpose Lubricants during the 2012 season in all of their racing and test bikes.

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