Dodge / Hart and Huntington /Sycuan Casino / Bel-Ray Racing

Team: Dodge /Hart and Huntington/Sycuan Casino/Bel-Ray Racing
Rider (s): Ivan Tedesco, Josh Hansen, Josh Hill, Kyle Partridge
Bike: 2012 Kawasaki KXF450
Number: (9) Tedesco, (100) Hansen, (75) Hill, (83)Partridge Update Kyle Regal (36) and Tyler Bowers (74) were added as fill in riders to replace injured riders during the season.
Team Manager: Kenny Watson
2012 Scheduled Series: Monster Energy Supercross

Bel-Ray Products used by team include: Thumper Racing 4T Engine Oil, Gear Saver Transmission Oil, SuperClean Chain Lube, Brake and Contact Cleaner, 6in1, Assembly Lube, Waterproof Grease, Super Dot 4 Brake Fluid, MotoChill Coolant, Foam Filter Oil, Foam Filter Cleaner and Degreaser.

Press Release announcing relationship.

Bel-Ray Company, Inc.  – the leading USA-based lubrication manufacturing company is pleased to announce their partnership Dodge Motorsports / Hart and Huntington Racing and Carey Hart for the 2012 and 2013 Supercross seasons.

On the heels of their successful 2011 Supercross season that saw a Hart and Huntington racer make every Supercross main event, Bel-Ray has continued the relationship with the popular racing team.

For 2012 the team has doubled the amount of riders and will feature 2 full semi-trucks complete with an innovative fan experience.

Combining the lifestyle of today’s youth with the performance of a professional racing team is a difficult balancing act and the Hart and Huntington team pulls it off with style. With industry veteran Ivan Tedesco leading the 4 man team the Bel-Ray backed Kawasaki’s are sure to be at the front of the pack. Joining Tedesco on the team for 2012 will be Josh Hansen, Kyle Partridge and Josh Hill.

“You can’t deny the mark Bel-Ray has made in the motocross industry. It is awesome to have them with Dodge / Hart and Huntington Racing again for 2012 and beyond. We learned a lot from last season and having Bel-Ray as a sponsor helped us both achieve levels of success in Supercross” said Team Owner Carey Hart.  We are excited to extend our partnership with Bel-Ray because we know the quality of their product will help us realize the goals we have set for ourselves in 2012” he added.

“Bel-Ray is pleased to be working with the Hart and Huntington team for another exciting season of racing. No one does a better job of entertaining the fans, and providing for the ultimate racing experience than Hart and Huntington, said Bel-Ray’s Chief Operating Officer, Jennifer Liquori.

The agreement with the team includes working with industry icon Carey Hart as well. Hart is well known for his freestyle motocross success and is an avid motorcyclist in his off time. He will use Bel-Ray performance lubricants in all of his machines including the new for 2012 re-engineered V-Twin line from Bel-Ray.

The team will be using the complete line of performance lubricants including the popular Thumper Racing  Works Synthetic Ester 4T Engine Oil, Blue Tac Chain Lube and 6 in 1 Multi Purpose Lubricants during the 2012 season in all of their racing and test bikes.