Bel-Ray Super B Honda Dakar

Team: Bel-Ray Super B Honda Dakar
Rider (s): Quinn Cody (USA), Sam Sunderlind (UAE), Juan Carlos Salvatierra (BOLIVIA)- Premiere Team
Bike: Honda Dakar CRF450X
2012 Series Scheduled: Dakar 2012

Bel-Ray products used by the team include-MotoChill Coolant, Blue Tac Chain Lube, Thumper Work 4T Engine Oil, Waterproof Grease and Brake and Contact Cleaner

Press Release Announcing relationship.

Bel-Ray Company, Inc.  – the leading USA-based lubrication manufacturing company is pleased to announce their partnership with Team Honda Europe for the 2012 Dakar Rally.

The new Team Bel-Ray-Super B Honda will compete in the toughest race in the world beginning on January 1 in Mar Del Plata, Argentina and end on the 15th of January in Lima, Peru. The Dakar Rally travels more than 9,000 kilometers over a period of 14 days and is the ultimate test of man and machine. Starting on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean the course travels north through Argentina, into Chile and finally concluding in Peru. Facing the harshest environments know to man, only the strong will survive to the finish.

The 12 racer Bel-Ray-Super B Honda team will be lead by American racer Quinn Cody aboard a specially designed Honda CRF450Dakar X machine. Two other racers will be part of the premier group of racers including Englishman Sam Sunderland and Bolivian Juan Carlos Salvatierra while 9 other racers will compete as part of the team of customer riders.

“We are very happy and proud announcing our official partnership with Bel-Ray. We already are using Bel-Ray products for years during the hardest off road race in the world; Dakar. For this year we enter 12 riders on our CRF450DakarX bikes. 3 riders will be in our top team with America’s Quinn Cody as no 1 rider. Next week all bikes, trucks and support vehicles will be shipped to South America already in the new colours of Bel-Ray. From Jan 1, 2012 the Dakar Rally will start from Mar Del Plata in Argentina to finish 15th of January in Lima, Peru.

The whole team is looking forward to this ultimate challenge of man and machine” stated team owner Henk Hellegers.

“Competing in the Dakar is a true test for any machine, especially oil. We are thrilled to have aligned to a true contender.  Sold throughout the world, and especially into South America, our products have a proven track record, delivering optimal results every time.  Through our partnership with the Bel-Ray Super B Honda team, we will have the ability to further test performance and develop next generation technology for the future.  We look forward to an exciting Dakar race event.” said Bel-Ray Chief Operating Officer, Jennifer Liquori.

The team will be using the complete line of Bel-Ray high performance lubricants including the popular Thumper Racing Works 4T Engine Oil, Blue Tac Chain Lube and Moto Chill Racing Coolant during the Dakar.