Dodge/Sycuan Casino/RCH Racing/Bel-Ray/Suzuki

Team: Dodge/Sycuan Casino/RCH Racing/Bel-Ray/Suzuki
Rider (s): Josh Hill, Broc Tickle, Carey Hart, Ricky Carmichael
Bike: Suzuki RMZ450
2013 Series Scheduled: AMA National Motocross and Monster Energy Supercross Series.

Bel-Ray products used by the team include:

Works Thumper Racing Synthetic Ester 4t Engine Oil, Super Clean Chain Lube, 6in1, Waterproof Grease, Assembly Lube, Air Filter Oil,.

Press Release announcing RCH agreement.

RCH Racing Team to Exclusively Use Bel-Ray Powersports Lubricants in 2013 Season

Broc Tickle, Josh Hill Lead Team into 2013 Season with
Bel-Ray Complete Line of Performance Powersports Lubricants

FARMINGDALE, N.J. (January 4, 2013) ― Bel-Ray is pleased to announce that the RCH Racing Team will be using the complete line of Bel-Ray specialty powersports lubricants in 2013.
Broc Tickle joins returning RCH team member Josh Hill in preparing for participation for the 2013 season, employing the extensive line of Bel-Ray high performance lubricants in the machine offering used by the team.
“We are really excited for the 2013 Supercross season with Broc Tickle and Josh Hill. We expect the best out of our bikes and Bel-Ray is a huge part of keeping the machine running at the top level,” said team owner Carey Hart. “We know that using the Bel-Ray powersports line will give us the competitive edge we’ll need to excel and bring in top finishes this season.”

Bel-Ray lubricants to be used by the team to keep engine components operating more efficiently and with less friction include:
• Thumper Racing Synthetic Ester Blend 4T Engine Oil – This 4-stroke motorcycle racing oil combines the finest quality synthetic esters and highly-refined mineral base oils specifically engineered for today’s 4-stroke single cylinder, multi-valve racing engines.
• Super Clean Chain Lube – This aerosol chain lube utilizes the latest innovation in chain lubricant technology, combining unsurpassed anti-wear protection for long chain and sprocket life with an outer protective coating that will not attract dirt, sand, or grit.
• Waterproof Grease – This legendary high-performance, multi-purpose grease ensures continued sealing and protection with its superior water resistance, even in salt water.
“Bel-Ray is pleased to work with the team again this season,” said Bel-Ray Chief Operating Officer Jennifer Liquori. “The lubrication technology that Bel-Ray provides the team allows them to compete at a professional level. We are looking forward to excellent results and podium finishes from both riders this season.”
This working arrangement with RCH is a continuation of Bel-Ray’s support for the team, which began with the company’s sponsorship in 2011. The team will make its professional debut in Anaheim, Calif. on Jan. 5, 2013 for Round 1 of the Monster Energy Supercross series
“Professional motocross racing demands the best from both man and machine. We are proud that Bel-Ray lubricants can provide racers, both amateur and professional, the advantages necessary to win,” concluded Liquori.