Benhart Racing Bi-Weekly Report

November 5, 2012 – Bi-Weekly Report

Virginia Championship Hare Scramble Series (VCHSS) – Round 14 – Dillwyn, VA

Both Alex and Sean came into this event looking for some great racing and enjoying the competition in Virginia. This event was at a new location and had 15 miles of great trails and a motocross course thrown in…

A Expert – Alex had a great start settling in the top 5 as they entered the woods. As the first lap wound down Alex went through scoring in 4th place and 14th Overall. At the end of Lap 1 we chose to refuel Alex so he could ride the last 30 miles without stopping. This worked nicely as Alex pushed up to 2nd place in his class and 9th Overall by the completion of Lap 2. At the start Lap 3 Alex left closing on the class leader. Sadly bad luck would bite him once again. Alex pulled back into the pits with a broken clutch cable. We quickly replaced the cable and got him back into the race. Again luck was not on our side. Five minutes later Alex was back in the pits due to clutch failure. This is definitely as frustrating season to say the least. When we returned home that evening we tore down the clutch to determine the failure. We found that the inside fiber plate has shattered. How old was the clutch? It had been soaked prior to installation in oil and then raced for two laps on Sunday…what can you say…

200 A – Sean put on a great show from the start. Sean pulled one of his patented holeshots against 250Fs and KTM 200s. Quit a sight! Into the woods with the lead! Sean was making the Yamaha YZ125 sing! You could hear it easily as he came through the woods adjacent to the parking area. At the end of Lap 1 Sean was in 2nd place only 14 seconds out of the lead and riding in 7th Overall! Sean was rolling and at the end of Lap 2 Sean was still in 2nd place when we pitted him. At this point he slipped to 3rd as we were gassing him. After re-entering the race time grew short ans Sean was unable to run down 2nd place. Sean would finish in 3rd place and 9th Overall! A great ride and his best Overall finish in the VCHSS in 2012!

Grand National Cross Country Series (GNCC) – Round 12 – St. Clairsville, OH

Loretta Lynn’s – what can you say but this place in special. A storied history of racing and our first time there. Bikes rode before the quads for this event and the rains came after the event was over…

200 A – Sean had a good start coming out in 3rd place. Running the long laps that the GNCC series does requires refueling every two laps to ensure he will not run out of fuel on the 125. Sean ran a smooth coordinated race and consistently ran in 7th place for the day and finished 110th Overall.

250 A – The night Team BOR was to leave for Loretta Lynn’s our bike developed a transmission problem from the previous race tat didn’t show itself until we were ready to pack. The transmission was locking up in gears at random. No time for a tear down but in our garage was Sean’s 2013 Yamaha YZ250. Being a great brother Sean handed over the keys to Alex giving Alex the opportunity to ride a fresh bike since the star of the 2012 season!

When the gate dropped Alex rocked! 3rd into the turn and off to a great race. Riding the Loretta Lynn’s course was the best it could be. No quad trails to deal with, something the GNCCs should really consider. At the end of Lap 1 Alex was in 6th place. On Lap 2 Alex moved up to 4th place then settled to 5th place at the end of the lap. At the end of Lap 3 Alex pitted for his only time and was passed slipping to 6th place. Alex went out to chase down 5th place again and it was within his reach when he popped the rear tube. Undaunted Alex maintained a solid pace never looking back and staying in 6th place to the end an finishing 35th Overall. Both were best finishes for Alex in the GNCC series for 2012.

This was a great way to end the GNCC season and both boys are looking forward to 2013!

This upcoming weekend Sean and Alex will be attending the next round of the VCHSS series at Sugar Grove, VA